Clapcotts Farm

Magpie Auctions Poultry/Waterfowl, Chicks/Ducklings, Hatching Eggs, Pets/Exotic Livestock, Caged Birds, Feed/Pet Items, Plants/Fresh Produce, Timber/Materials, Tools, Machinery/Implements, Bygones/Vintage Items, Household/Garden Items And All Other Sundries/General Items Auction Which Is Held Every 3rd Sunday Of The Month At Clapcotts Farm!

There are 2 Auctioneers Selling At once! Auctioneer Andrew will start on the Poultry/Waterfowl at 10am followed by the Pets/Exotic livestock, Chicks/Ducklings, Feed/Pet Items and will finish on the Hatching/Sitting Eggs! 

Auctioneer Marek will start on the General Items/Sundries/Deadstock At 10:15am! Any Vehicles, Large Trailers & Machinery/Implements Will Be Sold At 12 Noon! 

The whole auction is under cover so no matter the weather we will be going ahead! There is a brilliant cafe selling a great variety of hot/cold food and drinks! Don’t forget to pop into Roosters Vintage Shop aswell!

The catalogue/list of entries will be uploaded to website on Wednesday evening before the auction and will be updated daily! 

In December We hold a Christmas Auction which is our normal entries as well as a Vintage, Collectable, Antique & Bygones section, Christmas Raffle, Christmas Items/Gifts section and a large Fresh Produce & Meat section! There is NO Auctions is January!

For any information about buying or selling please contact Marek on 07809294390 or! Alternatively you can  print off an entry form and send it to us! 

Full address for the Auction is:

Clapcotts Farm, Spetisbury, Blandford, DT11 9DF.

All entries need to be in place and penned by 9am and any changes/amendments need to be with the office by 9am at the VERY LATEST!!!

Please don’t forget to share the event far & wide and please tell everyone you know! 

We look forward to seeing you all there! 👍🏻😃🐓🐣🐔🚜


  • All Vendors to make sure all livestock has bedding and water which is provided by Magpie Auctions and are secure in cages/boxes
  • All Livestock to arrive to the auction and leave the auction in carriers or boxes! Strictly no livestock to leave the premises without a carrier/box! Boxes can be purchased from the registration desk if needed!
  • All Livestock to be of age and large enough to go in cages provided by Magpie Auctions! If to small then they need to come in boxes to be sold in so they can be near heat if needed!
  • All Livestock is to be handled by the vendor and purchaser only!