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Clapcotts Auction

** Unfortunately due to Storm Dennis we had to close the auction early but we will be resume the auction next Sunday the 23rd At Clapcotts from 10am! Additional entries welcome! 

A huge thank you to everyone who attended  and carried on smiling despite the awful weather condition! 

Look forward to seeing you all next weekend!! 😊👍🏻🐓🚜**

Magpie Auctions Poultry/Waterfowl, Chicks/Ducklings, Hatching Eggs, Pets/Exotic Livestock, Caged Birds, Feed/Pet Items, Plants/Fresh Produce, Timber/Materials, Tools, Machinery/Implements, Bygones/Vintage Items, Household/Garden Items And All Other Sundries/General Items Auction! 


Auctioneer Andrew will start on the Poultry/Waterfowl at 10am followed by the Pets/Exotic livestock, Chicks/Ducklings, Feed/Pet Items and will finish on the Hatching/Sitting Eggs! 

Auctioneer Marek will start on the General Items/Sundries/Deadstock At 10:15am! 

There is a brilliant cafe selling a great variety of hot/cold food and drinks! Don’t forget to pop into Roosters Vintage Shop aswell!

The catalogue/list of entries will be uploaded to the website: https://magpieauctions.co.uk/auction-catalogue/ on Wednesday evening before the auction and will be updated daily! 

For any information about buying or selling please contact Marek on 07809294390 or magpieauctions@outlook.com! Alternatively you can go to the website and print off an entry form and send it to us! 

Full address for the Auction is:

Clapcotts Farm,



DT11 9DF.

All entries need to be in place and penned by 9am and any changes/amendments need to be with the office by 9am at the VERY LATEST!!!

Please don’t forget to share the event far & wide and please tell everyone you know! 

We look forward to seeing you all there! 👍🏻😃🐓🐣🐔🚜