Our monthly auctions, every first Sunday of the month, are held at Dodge City, Yeovil Road, Halstock, Yeovil, BA22 9RR.

The auctions will consist of all…

  • Poultry/waterfowl, chicks/ducklings, hatching/sitting eggs

  • Feed/pet Items

  • Timber/building materials ,tools, machinery/Implements, agricultural misc

  • Vintage bygones and collectables

  • Fresh produce/plants

  • Garden & household Items and all other deadstock/sundries



The Poultry/Waterfowl, Chicks/ducklings, Pet Items/Feed/Inside Deadstock, Fresh Produce/Plants and Hatching Eggs will all be sold inside our new barn and the majority of the Deadstock/General items will be outside!

Auctioneer Marek will start on the Outside Deadstock at 10am and then at 10:15am Auctioneer Andrew will start on the Poultry/Waterfowl/Other Livestock in the barn and finish on the hatching eggs! VIEWING ONLY ON THE MORNING OF THE AUCTION FROM 8AM, WE ARE CLOSED THE REST OF THE MONTH!

There is a brilliant food van on site (The Dorset Grill) selling a great variety of hot/cold food and drinks! 

The catalogue/list of entries will be uploaded to the website: in the week before the auction and will be updated daily after & finally on Saturday evening. 

For any information about buying or selling please contact Marek on 07809294390 or email! Alternatively you can go to the website and print off an entry form and send it to us! 

***Full address for the Auction is: Dodge City, Yeovil Road, Halstock, Yeovil, BA22 9RR***

All entries need to be in place and penned by 8:30am and any changes/amendments need to be with us by 6pm on the evening before the auction & not on the morning of the auction!!! 

Please don’t forget to share the event far & wide and please tell everyone you know! 

We look forward to seeing you all there! 👍🏻😊🐓🚜


  • All Vendors to make sure all livestock has bedding and water which is provided by Magpie Auctions and are secure in cages/boxes
  • All Livestock to arrive to the auction and leave the auction in carriers or boxes! Strictly no livestock to leave the premises without a carrier/box! Boxes can be purchased from the registration desk if needed! 
  • All Livestock to be of age and large enough to go in cages provided by Magpie Auctions! If to small then they need to come in boxes to be sold in so they can be near heat if needed! 
  • All Livestock is to be handled by the vendor and purchaser only!